Miscellaneous Gunwork


Clean and oil customers gun, consists of completely stripping gun with cleaning of all parts and checking for wear


Straighten shotgun barrel or adjust for point of impact


Pattern Customers Turkey gun with given Factory loads to determine best load capabilities at several different yardages

using your ammo $15.00

using my ammo$25.00

Install mid rib beadsight on vent rib barrels


Forcing Cones lengthened for pattern improvement, up to 15%

  * Non Plated Barrels $35.00

  * Chrome Lined Barrels $45.00

Polish Chamber and bore of shotgun barrels


Open or modify existing fixed chokes , per barrel


Install custom front beadsight florescent orange or florescent green



Rifle sights installed onto shotgun barrel, plus sights


Sling swivels installed, plus swivel set


Recoil pads installed, Kickeeze,Pachmayr, Sims, Terminator - (pad included)


Drilling and tapping for scope mounts or rifle sights using a Forster drilling and tapping Jig for professional results.....(per hole)


Shotgun Barrel Porting

(choice of single row or multiple rows of ports, also choice of hole size .080 /.105 /.110 or .118 thousandths)

Single Row of Ports $45.00

Multiple rows of Ports $65.00

Set trigger pull on rifles or shotguns

Thompson Encore Rifles $45.00

All guns -Non-adjustable models $35 to $45.00

All guns -Adjustable models $15.00

Mounting and Laser bore sighting rifle scopes,includes loctite on all screws except ring halves


Muzzle Brakes installed on rifles..plus brake


Convert Remington safety buttons from right hand to "left hand" operation on most any Remington firearm with a crossbolt safety


Make Chamber Casting using Cerrosafe to determine caliber


Cut and re-crown Rifle Barrels


Pillar bedding barrel and action of hunting rifles


Glass bedding barrel and action of hunting rifles


Install recoil reducer in buttstock ..... plus reducer


Parkerizing for a dull gray non-glare hunter finish


Dura-Coat Firearm Finishes Applied

Complete Long gun $80.00 to $100.00

Complete Handgun $50.00 to $80.00

Riflescopes Duracoated using flat black $25.00

Most any color desired

Custom camo pattern paint using a textured grip finish as follows:

Stock and forearm only $30.00

Complete gun $45.00

Refinish stock with oil finish $25.00

Stalker finish, flat black textured grip finish $25.00

Woodland stencil pattern $25.00


If payment for services to be rendered are sent , Please make the check or money order out to: 

Curtis Wilbanks

Wilbanks Gun Repair
3519 Defoor Rd.
Toccoa,Ga. 30577

Payments accepted :  ~  Money Order  ~  Check 

* This particular pricing sheet(updated 1/19/22) is only a partial listing of my services.
I do other types of gunsmithing as well, most of which is custom work
on rifles, shotguns, and handguns.

To inquire about these and other services please contact me.

Hours: 10:00am-6:00pm Mon-Fri. - Closed Weekends

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