Match gun work for card shooting



Custom permanent sleeving 2 1/2" to 4" (your specs or mine) for your shot size and distance 


(utilizing Wad stop design sleeves)

Manufacture custom screw-in choke for card shooting

 Smooth $85.00

Broached $100.00

Wad cutter steps cut into factory choke tubes


Extend stock appearing barrels to specified length wanted then backbore and sleeve for specific shot size and distance


Drilling and tapping for scope mounts or rifle sights using a Forster drilling and tapping Jig for professional results.....(per hole)


 .812 Dia. drop-in sleeves made for Outlaw Guns to shoot Wagner skeet 9s or most any other loads, the choke is a wad stop design and has parallel lines thru the choke 

for #9 shot Smooth $85.00

for #9 shot Broached $100.00

Can also make the drop-in sleeves to your size specifications if not the standard .812 outside diameter to fit your needs

If you're shooting Wagner's target loads feel free to ask specifics as I built the barrel and drop-in sleeve combo that  Wagner  tests their #9 skeet loads with to keep the loads performing

.812 drop-in chokes for Wagner  2-2-10 loads 

Smooth $85.00

  Straight wall Outlaw Match Chamber sleeves installed to enhance hole shooting capabilities with  #9 shot



Custom Made Rear Stock Adjuster for competition shooting that adjusts elevation on target while taking aim

 Above gun is a finished Savage 210 bolt gun with a Clear coated Laminated Red/black/silver colored stock sporting a SII 36X BRD Sightron with a Custom made rear elevation adjuster and a front Bipod system

(Rear adjuster smoothly tracks point of aim up and down vertically)

Custom made Unit Can be fitted to work on most any gun

Complete Rear Adjuster


All Rear Adjusters are made from Aluminum and highly polished to give a mirror bright finish to enhance the guns look as well as performance on the bench by enableling a rock solid hold while aiming

Above gun is a finished Savage 210 bolt gun with a Clear coated Laminated Orange/Olive/Rose colored stock sporting a SII 6x24x42 Sightron with a Custom made rear elevation adjuster and a front Bipod system. all metal on the gun other than the factory receiver , has been "chromed" for a super nice finish

I also offer custom made Bipod systems for Savage 210 bolt guns as pictured below which include a highly polished 1/2 inch aluminum bottom plate to fit the bottom of a benchrest stock with adjustable bipod legs made from aluminum with stainless steel elevation adjustable legs with rubber pads

$125.00 to $195.00 depending on style and guns stock design

Another in progress to be finished soon

clear coat finished and ready to shoot

Dura-Coat Firearm Finishes Applied to custom barrels

Competition Barrels $40.00

Most any color desired

I also Build custom Outlaw match barrels with drop in sleeves for ease of going from one shot size to another. your choice of 1 inch or 1-1/4 inch barrel. Pricing is determined by size of barrel and number of chokes wanted. E-mail or call for pricing.


If payment for services to be rendered are sent , Please make the check or money order out to: 

Curtis Wilbanks

Wilbanks Gun Repair
3519 Defoor Rd.
Toccoa,Ga. 30577


* This particular pricing sheet(updated 1/19/22) is only a partial listing of my services *

I do other types of gunsmithing as well, most of which is custom work
on rifles, shotguns, and handguns.

To inquire about these and other services please contact me.

Hours: 10:00am-6:00pm Mon-Fri. - Closed Weekends

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