Shotgun Customizing by Curtis Wilbanks


aka; Gun Docc

*Specialized Shotgun Work*

Customized Shotgun work for over 30 years. 

Whether you are a turkey hunter who wants

the ultimate turkey gun capable of 90% or better patterns

at a distance of 40 yards, or a deer hunter who wants the

ultimate buckshot gun capable of placing all the pellets in a

14 to 20 inch pattern at a distance of 40 yards, I can help you

to achieve this goal through my customized shotgun work.

If you do not see a price on a service that you need, e-mail me

with complete details of what you want and I will e-mail you

with a price usually within 24 to 48 hours.


Choke Tube Systems  Price List for Choke Tube Installations

Match Gun Work   Price List for Match Gun Work for Card Shooting

Miscellaneous Gunwork  Price List for Miscellaneous Gunwork 

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Range Comparison Results  American Hunter Results Turkey Guns Range Comparison

Turkey Target Patterns  Acutal Turkey Targets with Wilbanks Converted Guns

Photo Gallery  Photo Gallery

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